'Native' EP Reviews

'Call of the Wild'


"The hypnotizing glare of Kim Vogels and pipes that can send shivers through stone"

                               - SwitchBitch Noise

"She was drawn to the power and energy of the original sound of those worlds" 

                            - BroadwayWorld.com

"Kim Vogels’ Call of The Wild begins with a sultry, smoky set of vocals laid down by Kim that are paralleled with a deliberate drum beat and an emotive horn."

                                      - NeuFutur.com

"There is a global appeal to Kim Vogels that only takes one listen to find"

- No Depression

"Vogels is able to capture the essence of so many artists and styles that precedes her but still be completely unique."

- VENTS Magazine

"An album that takes a few back roads, the ones that twist and turn, dusty, rocky, and cause the stingy drops of sweat to roll down your dirty gritty face and into your eyes as the music of actor/musician/songwriter Kim Vogels pulsates with the chill of story telling down your spine"

- Indie Music Reviews

"Vogels has an amazingly dangerous yet deliciously husky voice and from the opening note, she makes you lean forward and pay attention."

- The Hype Magazine

"The gypsy spirit from the singer-songwriter can be felt throughout the whole material."

- Skopemag.com