Born in Amsterdam into a creative family, Kim Vogels began her artistic journey as a classical and jazz cellist at the age of five. Overtime and over seven different cities in four different countries, Kim was drawn to create and express not just through music. This lead to her studies at a drama school in London where she was able to explore all sides of acting, performance art, physical and experimental theatre, and the blend of music and theatre. 
       After a few years in London she attended The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City for two years. There she was able to truly find and explore her love for the art of acting on stage and in front of the camera. Now as a professional Actress music has again become an avenue of expression using her cello as well as guitar to create original material. It is her role as "Jazz", a 1960's Greenwich Village Beatnik, in Kingdom Entertainment's "Folk City: The Musical" that really sparked the singer/songwriter within her. There she also met wonderful fellow musician and producer Cass Dillon and together they created her debut EP "Native."
         Being brought up surrounded by so many different cultures she was drawn to the power and energy of the original sound of those cultures i.e. Flamenco, Klezmer, Celtic, early Persian, Gypsy, Native American, Folk & Blues etc. Even though these musical styles are all quite different from each other, they hold a similarity in their powerful connection to their culture. In the creation of Kim's music and her first EP it was apparent how many different cultural influences there were. As she moved from place to place she was drawn to the soul of those cultures, eventually fusing them together to create her own sound, her own unique culture, her own "Native."

She is currently in the studio recording new material.


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